Chris Bennett

a collection of writings and video

Burning Shiva

A weekly video program on Religious Insights into cannabis use and cultural traditions.

Cannabis and the Christ

Either Jesus used marijuana or he was not the Christ.

The Smoking Solstice Sun Gods

Since ancient times, Winter Solstice has been associated with the birth of a pot-smoking Sun God - including Jesus.

Kaneh Bosm: Cannabis in the Old Testament

Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal and spiritual plants

When Smoke Gets in My I

Cannabis is one of mankind's oldest cultivated crops.

High Plains Drifters

The Scythians were a barbaric group of pre-Common Era nomadic tribes who are a fascinating example of an ancient cannabis using group.

Marijuana and the Goddess

Holy pot has been smoked by Goddess worshippers since before history, and was first banned by those who sought to subjugate feminine spirituality.

Visions of a Sacred Tree

Discovering the links between cannabis and native spirituality.

The Great and Wild Beast 666 and the Devil's Weed

the young Aliester Crowley was given little to read as a child besides the Holy Bible . . .

Cannabis: The Philosopher's Stone

excerpts from Green Gold: the Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion on Templars, Sufis, Alchemists, and the Hashish Club.

A History of the Royal Grain

Since ancient times, cannabis seed has been esteemed as a food source and for its curative powers.

Sufi tokers and the green saint

April 23 is the feast day of Khizr, Islam's patron saint of cannabis.

Shakespeare on pot

Research shows that Shakespeare likely consumed cannabis. History shows that he's not the only toking author in Europe's literary canon.

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